Safe Workplace

Manage employee health and workplace safety

Simplify the complex workflows involved with returning to the workplace. The Safe Workplace apps and dashboard help you manage essential needs and services for reopening. Available now and powered by the Now Platform.

Safe Workplace apps

Prepare for your return to the workplace with four apps specifically designed to enable workforce and workplace readiness.

App to survey if employees are ready to return to work

Employee Readiness Surveys

Gauge readiness to return to the workplace and determine how to make employees feel safe.

App to screen employee health after reopening the office

Employee Health Screening

Screen employees before entering the workplace for compliance with entry requirements.

App to manage PPE supply as employees return to work

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Manage your PPE inventory across locations and facilities to meet the physical safety needs of your workforce.

App to maintain a safe back to work program

Workplace Safety Management

Create a safe, managed return process with distancing plans, shift assignments, and sanitation scheduling.

Dashboard view of your reopening plan and readiness

Quickly assess your ability to reopen

Get a complete view of your readiness to reopen sites with the Safe Workplace Dashboard. Available at no charge, the dashboard displays data from all the Safe Workplace apps so you can quickly evaluate your current state.

Apps for business and government response

Emergency response management apps

Put technology to work during challenging times with workflow apps and resources to help you manage your emergency response.