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Bremer Bank uses the Now Platform
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Bremer Bank safely reopens branches with Safe Workplace Apps


Week to launch the Employee Health Screening app


Centralized view of employee health status


Employees safely brought back to branches

Bremer Bank sought to safely monitor employee health to responsibly reopen bank branches during the COVID-19 pandemic, so it used the Employee Health Screening app. 

Branch safety post-COVID

Prioritizing the safety of its customers and employees, Bremer Bank chose to close its branch lobbies and headquarters when the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold in North Dakota and Minnesota, USA, in March 2020. As time went on and proven strategies for preventing the spread of COVID-19 became available, Bremer made the decision to begin bringing employees back into the branches. At that point, the bank needed a solution to safely monitor employee health for a responsible reopening.

Employee health a priority

A long-time ServiceNow customer, Bremer Bank decided to use the Employee Health Screening application within the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite to support the safety of its employees. The app was up and running within one week of purchase, and the agile team benefitted from having a single platform to ingest, store, and share information regarding each branch’s employee health.

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Bremer Bank
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The Employee Health Screening app provided us a path forward when the decision was made to reopen our branch lobbies.

Nancy Plagman

Process Analyst

Health screening to support HR 

As a result, the bank had the knowledge and visibility to slowly bring its employees back to the workplace, gaining real-time insights into potential outbreaks and hotspots. More in-depth dashboards are available to HR staff to adjust views of health screening reports by location, region, and other search functions.

Maintaining normal operations

Bremer Bank continues to adjust dashboards and questions within the Employee Health Screening app to further configure and enhance managers’ experiences with the data. The bank has also continued to use ServiceNow solutions to maintain normal operations while dealing with a high percentage of remote workers in the wake of the pandemic.

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