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Mphasis grows $200 million MSP business with ServiceNow


MTTR reduction across IT operations


cost reduction using artificial intelligence and automation


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Mphasis is a global IT services company that applies a unique blend of integrated cloud and cognitive technologies to enable enterprises to reimagine their digital future. Spread across 30 offices in 19 countries, Mphasis understands the need to simplify IT operations and move away from legacy IT management systems, tools, and products.

AI and automation leads to 30% cost reduction

Mphasis provides a wide range of infrastructure and application services—including architecture, development, integration, and application management
Mphasis’ industry-specific X2C2™ framework smartly transforms enterprises with speed, innovation, and personalization by harnessing the power of cognitive technologies and rich data resident in enterprises. Its Front2Back™ transformation strategy leverages state-of-the-art reference frameworks and capabilities of agile transformation for quick and cost-effective results that compound over time.

In addition, Mphasis’ Service Transformation solutions offer an integrated approach of people, process, and technology to enable enterprises to achieve scalable, digital, future-ready operations.

Mphasis understands the need to simplify IT operations and move away from legacy IT management systems, tools, and products
In line with its service transformation strategy, Mphasis understands the critical need to simplify IT operations and move away from legacy IT management systems, tools, and products. The aim is to deliver business-friendly infrastructure services for tomorrow’s enterprise in an “always on” world. Mphasis builds agile, nimble, and secure organizations.

To this end, Mphasis’ InfraGenie™—a state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform—predicts, diagnoses, and resolves infrastructure issues before they even happen. Armed with cutting-edge, self-managing predictive analytics and diagnostic tools, InfraGenie™ empowers seamless management of infrastructure operations across industries by providing:

  • Secure and compliant integration for a single source of truth
  • Scalability with true multi-tenancy
  • Minimal tool maintenance costs and effort through cloud-based services
  • Mobile-enabled interface for end users
  • Standardized and compliant service management in application and infrastructure environments across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud deployments
  • Service delivery aligned to business goals across the IT stack
  • Rapid onboarding for new clients/tenants
  • Automation and analytics for consistent and reliable monitoring

Mphasis chose ServiceNow because it wanted a cloud-based, high-performance, and shared management core platform
InfraGenie™ is a platform that calls for a partner with demonstrated capabilities for now and the future. Born in the cloud, ServiceNow fits the bill for a high-performance and shared management core platform.

Fueled by AI and automation, Mphasis could dramatically lower customers’ costs, improve availability and customer experience, and drive business growth.

InfraGenie™ is built around five pillars–monitoring, event correlation, ITIL service management, analytics, and automation. Built on a plug-and-play philosophy (instead of reap-and-replace), it offers end-to-end IT operations management, including end user services and apps and infra operations.

Automation and artificial intelligence lie at the heart of InfraGenie’s success. ServiceNow event correlation dramatically reduces monitoring noise to get actionable information that rapidly diagnoses and resolves service issues. Its integrated AI engine resolves issues with zero touch and zero impact to deliver the following business benefits. 

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When we tell our customers that we use ServiceNow for our MSP platform, we build trust. Because of their reputation and recognition, ServiceNow makes it much easier to convince customers to choose Mphasis.

Pavan Goyal

Global Head of Infrastructure Services

With ServiceNow, Mphasis slashed costs by 20-30% and reduced MTTR by 35%
InfraGenie™ now delivers dramatically reduced time-to-value for all critical service management functions. Its deep automation of 30-40% of standard achieves an additional cost saving of 20-30% over traditional optimization levers—and within 6-12 months of engagement.

Mphasis’ proprietary blueprint of a fully integrated platform for end-to-end service management includes ITOM, apps, and Infra monitoring tools. ServiceNow business service-aware mapping, highly accurate and auto discovered CMDB, proactive problem management through advanced analytics and automation engine has helped achieve more than 35% MTTR reduction across IT operations.

Mphasis acknowledges ultimate ServiceNow benefit: cost-effective self-service that enhances customer experience and confidence
Every customer onboarded on the InfraGenie™ platform is provided a customized self-service portal with an integrated contact center. High-volume service catalog items are backed with industry-tested automation to provide zero-touch fulfillment and high levels of user experience at reduced costs. 

100,000 end users are on the self-service portal

Since launching InfraGenie™ three years ago, Mphasis has dramatically grown their MSP business. Their service transformation initiative has grown to deliver $200 million in contracts on the InfraGenie™ platform–and continues to exponentially grow. Across 18 countries today, Mphasis manages about 30,000 servers, 100,000+ alerts per month, has 100,000 customers’ end users on the self-service portal, and onboards two additional customers at any given time.

Pavan Goyal, Global Head of Infrastructure Services, Mphasis points to the ultimate benefit of ServiceNow: customer confidence. “When we tell our customers that we use ServiceNow for our MSP platform, we build trust. Because of their reputation and recognition, ServiceNow makes it much easier to convince customers to choose Mphasis. That is critical in our highly competitive market.”

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Explore the solution that helped Mphasis reduce MTTR by 35%

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