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Best Practices for Making the Move from Legacy ITSM to ServiceNow

Many IT organizations today struggle with outdated IT Service Management suites. These legacy systems are incredibly rigid and difficult to con figure, and in most cases, require large groups of administrators and programmers to keep services up and running.

Thousands of customers have left their legacy ITSM solutions for the ServiceNow ITSM suite — what’s holding you back? In this webinar, George Rubio, ITSM Technical Product Marketing Manager at ServiceNow, will share the best practices based on thousands of switches from legacy systems to ServiceNow.

Attendees will learn:

  • How ServiceNow consolidates fragmented tools and legacy systems, and automates work processes on a single cloud platform
  • Key considerations for successful cloud adoption, such as setting the right objectives, reporting, integrations
  • Expert tips and tricks from real ‑ world customer examples
  • The payoff to making the move, including how ServiceNow improves the speed, visibility, and agility of IT Register to learn everything you need to manage a switch to an ITSM suite that will make you a leader in pushing innovation and transformation in your org and beyond.  

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