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Delegated Development

Dealing with increasing departmental demand for new applications while juggling a major backlog is a familiar balancing act. You don't have the resources to meet the demand, but letting other departments develop their own apps would create risks for your organization.


IT is transforming from a technology caretaker to a service provider tasked with enabling organization‑wide innovation. ServiceNow® Delegated Development helps IT extend application development beyond IT while maintaining control and governance over the platform, developer privileges, application resources, and data access.


Break the backlog by enabling developers of any skill level to pick up the slack and develop apps for specific projects

Unleash innovation by becoming an application service provider that empowers the business to build its own apps

Maintain control by specifying which users and groups have access to application resources

Application Highlights

Manage permissions for non-admin developers

A screenshot of the Developer Permissions page for managing non-admin developers

Manage permissions for non-admin developers

Manage cross-scope app resource and data access

A screenshot of the Application Settings page for managing cross-scoe app and data access

Manage cross-scope app resource and data access

Track and enforce app runtime access

A screenshot of the Application Settings page for tracking and enforcing app runtime access

Track and enforce app runtime access

Feature Details

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  • User Permissions

    Administrators can assign one or more developer permissions to a developer or group of developers, allowing them to build applications without an admin role.

    Developer permissions are application‑specific. For example, a developer who has permission to access all file types for one application does not necessarily have any developer permissions for another application. Administrators must set developer permissions for each application.

  • Manage Cross-Scope App Resource and Data Access

    Supports tracking and control of what cross‑scope calls a particular application makes.

  • Restrict Table Choices

    Allows the admin to restrict out‑of‑scope public table access to this application.


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