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Your IT team wants to launch products quickly, so employees can get work done fast. But provisioning cloud resources too quickly can lead to virtual machine (VM) sprawl, unmanaged resources, and out‑of‑control costs. IT needs to monitor resource allocation and budget, without slowing down innovation. What’s more, as the demand for the cloud resources grow, so does the complexity to manage and control them.

ServiceNow® Cloud Management solves the challenge of cloud complexity and sprawl by extending the service management approach to the public and private cloud—making it easy to manage and control all your cloud resources.


Self-Service Access to Cloud Resources

Self-Service Access to Cloud Resources

Accelerate Your Multi-Cloud Delivery

Accelerate Your Multi-Cloud Delivery

Cost Visibility

Cost Visibility

Cloud Management Enhancements Coming in Our New Release

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Cloud Management Enhancements Coming in Our New Release

Complex Cloud Management Made Easy

Keep pace with business innovation without losing control of your cloud environment. ServiceNow Cloud Management enables the rapid provisioning of cloud resources while maintaining consistent management and multi‑cloud cost visibility to eliminate VM sprawl. 


Accelerate Delivery of Public and Private Cloud Services

Speed up the design and simplify the delivery of cloud resources. Manage the lifecycle for multi‑cloud environments with a single system of action for increased service quality, standardized operational process and reduced remediation effort.

ServiceNow Create a Scure and Robust Environment

Gain Cloud Service Oversight, Minimize Risks

Control the deployment and govern the delivery of the right cloud resources to the right business activities based on consistent policies and rules ensuring compliance and security needs are met.

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Deliver Enterprise-class Cloud Resources

Elevate cloud resources to enterprise‑class with the delivery of VMs on VMware, Azure and AWS; integrating with the CMDB platform architecture for consistent single system of action with security, incident and change management control over multi‑cloud resources

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Reduce Costs and Manage Cloud Resources

Provide a unified view for collective cost analysis to reduce costs and for better allocation of cloud resources to business activities

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Deliver A User Experience Simplified through Self-Service

Give users a single place to order and view cloud services for everything they need in a fast, consistent, and easy‑to‑use experiences.

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