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Studio IDE

Studio IDE

Spend more time innovating and less time keeping things running. Agile application development and deployment methodologies  can help you stay on top of your application backlog. But moving quickly isn’t an option if you have to search multiple places for development tools, have no access to industry‑leading source control tools, and are constantly worried that every app you release will impact other services. 

ServiceNow® Studio IDE integrated with Git and the scoped app repository is a powerful way to implement a modern agile development process within and across teams. Use it to efficiently build the apps your business needs and package and publish them safely on the Now Platform.  



Build applications faster since you can centrally access everything you need and reuse what you create again and again

Confidently publish apps and updates to test and production instances without negatively impacting the platform or other apps

Safeguard your work as you switch between apps without accidental changes and easily recover unsaved changes

Application Highlights

Develop applications in Studio IDE

A screenshot of the page for developing applications in Studio IDE

Develop applications in Studio IDE

Everything you need is at your fingertips with App Explorer

A screenshot of the page for creating a new app file

Everything you need is at your fingertips with App Explorer

Git integration: switch branches

A screenshot of the Switch Branch page

Git integration: switch branches

Git integration: resolve conflicts

A screenshot of the Apply Stashed Changes page for conflict resolution

Git integration: resolve conflicts

Feature Details

  • Application Explorer

    Easily see and navigate the files that comprise an application, such as data model tables, access controls and roles, forms, business rules, and application modules and menus. 

  • Git Integration

    Source control integration lets application developers integrate with a GIT source control repository to save and manage multiple versions of an application from a sub‑production instance.  

    Developers can import applications from a GIT repository, apply remote changes, commit all local changes on the instance to a GIT repository, and create tags. 

  • Easy Publish

    Safely publish applications without negatively impacting other applications running on the platform.  

  • Code Search

    Search for a specific piece of code in the current application, or in the entire instance. 

  • Go to

    Search a specific file in the application. 


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And is typically used for Application Development

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